Torjay Valter szimbolista festőművész honlapja

Thoughts of Valter Torjay

Thoughts about art (III.)

And how many times I am obliged to handshaking with Judas…

It is not necessary to strive. Van Gogh was not striving either in order to get into the Academists. The future will decide.

The best in the obituaries that the most unimaginable characteristics can be ascribed to the departed. Even exactly the contrary ones as the person owned. This is mainly more important for the living persons, the former pals and business partners. Because it is necessary to like us, since we were superb friends of a superb chap…

I believe for somebody in the middle of his twenties' being a painter from 00:00-24:00 the desperation and also the ability for self-management is not enough. Something else is needed there: firmly background built under decades consisting of a complicated relationships. It is necessary to get into this.

Everything has to be tried by the restorers in order to keep alive the old bungle works which became the "basic works of the modern art". I think that the human and artistic behaviour of a painter for instance Van Eyck's expresses itself not in just the quality of the painting but in the groundwork as well.

Only Europe can be the world's cultural citadel. It absorbed everything in the course of millennia, possibly slightly too much. Something may come from here and there, but Europe's cultural crisis means the crisis of the world culture in the same time.

France is one of the best example of Europe's cultural crisis. For me France seems a country which is totally living from his past. Their fashion - and auto designers, as the skeletons of the flag holder of the modernism found obligatory to come up always with some tortuous form. In the films the sex and something vulgar relating to the French culture is obligatory. This devolution demanded not more than a century.

Anyway the French are unable to take notice of the fact that Picasso was Spanish.

There is really a special one between the French women, really exciting, primarily brown type, but the significance of this is overestimated. We opened our eyes really in Paris with my father once, but we saw altogether two beautiful women during a day - one was black-skinned.

I am looking at a big, Austrian artistic store's catalogue with a thickness of a span: hundreds of everything. Flatbed printing machine: thousands - in euro. My poor old departed friend Józsi Nagy prepared the same for a few thousands forints. Easels: altogether I do not have as many pictures as are presented in the publication also models that can be prepared at home as well if you are not lazy. I have handcrafted racks - I have painted all pictures on them till now, there was no problem with that. Paintbrushes? I can buy them here. Dye? I am praying to god to keep the Hungarian factory alive because many western products do not get into his trace. I got a huge tube of Romanian paint in Felsőbánya. They have excellent quality. So a cogent reason is needed for me to travel to Austria.

In a western art magazine the trendy painter: deformed, grinning face and dishevelled hair. In an apron, with two hands holds a huge brush, covered with two kilos of paint, as much as I would work for a month. Sheet-sized linens, malformed figures on them are wearing flat cap. No problem, the point is the gag!

Middle-aged but youngish look woman. Clear, purple-pink hair, her dresses made with a similar colour. Horrible. I cannot decide whether she painted her hair to the dresses, or just conversely? She is walking proudly on the Kőszegi street at Szombathely. She is allowed to do this, since she personalize the "harmony" of our age.

The duplicity is straight way to the success.

All Saints as always is beautiful in St. Márton. Vainly they are destroying the tombs down, and the vegetation all this is not able to hurt the mystery of the cemetery. As Ityko told: this was a really "genius cemetery". The cemeteries are not the "same talented either".

If you are allowed to expose let say two paintings onto a collective art exhibition you will experience it wonderingly that from some painter there will be four - five works.

The person who paints for only money can be an artist with a good ability, may enjoy the creative work possibly. Though if he is not able to start working without money he should think thru, what kind of artist he is.

An emigrant author was praised because besides that all afternoons have been walking about, went regularly to exhibitions and every day he worked. According to me this is not a merit - this was what he had to do. How many artists would be happy with this life! If he did not waste his creative energies in the day-to-day battle for the living! Lucky man was this author: he could do what he liked to and in the same time he became famous. Happy end!

Advertisment in the television, on the street, anywhere: I am filled with anonymous loathing. This is the concentrate of all the vulgarity, barbarism, greed, from which the world is getting to be worse and worse. I can see the marketing man in front of me sweating for the cretin punchlines and the actor who is crazy about the advertisement lasts for 1 secund. Oh Dante, Michelangelo, Debussy! Did you derive from this humanity too?

I should not always declare the truth. So many persons hate me because of that. We should talk about the fact that I liked the poppy seed cake when I was a child, but today I love the one stuffed with walnut more. However I am afraid that in our little homeland it may cause problems. Somebody would certainly feel himself pointed.

They are just complaining about that the artist has to reflect his own age. Yes, but which one? The small devil hides here… They take this in such a way that it is necessary to seize the feeling changing with the trends, but the human life has eternal values which have not been changing for thounsands of years. Well, I am the painter of my age in a sense like this. This is the problem.

Aurél Bernáth. Rather an artistic filosopher, than a painter. Logic, genuine sensibility,innovative solutions. A little bit as Sándor Márai, they came from the same class though. He was not able to break through the bars of his age - for example he did not recognize the enormous significance of the praeraffaelites, but he realized the greatness of Marées.

I have to write down something more about Marées: he was an icon who influenced the whole upcoming generation. And what is more important: without him Károly Ferenczy could not have been the person who was. We can tell the same concerning Marées as Delacroix claim concerning Tiziano: "He does not need my laudation. His shade is so huge."

Anyway, the basis of the modern behaviour is the slyness today. Everything is built upon this. Once the Codex of the knights today the Codex of the rascals has validity: it is essential after all that the life should have an organizing principle.

It is not a chance that the "tradition-bound painters" of our age turned to Caravaggio for inspiration. His eccentric, sensationalist, insincere style stands the nearest to the modern thinking (Picasso, Dali). In my opinion Georges de la Tour was much bigger than him in his modesty, and also his human authenticity shines his works through. He is less iconical though, he did not kill his fellow because of a ball game either… (As Kokoschka: "Murder, the hope of women." Bravo!)

One member of the Genesis declared that their band was good because they "did not take themselves too serious". According to them who takes himself too seriously may become ridiculous. Well, I do not know. In this way Beethoven could have become ridiculous who took himself as serious as he was not willing to bow to princeses since he belived, himself as a "brainowner" is more precious than the landowner. Michelangelo, who faced the pope in his pride often, would be the object of public ridicule.

Just observe the old (possibly ante 1914) photographs: Even the last road-mender square his shoulder because he "takes himself seriously". In those days many words meant something else, and their meaning was obsolete by today: e.g.: honor.

Once somebody became a legend if he deserved. Today the person who is allowed to.

The miracles can happen only one place in Hungary: "It has name as well: Budapest." It was not always like that but it has been in this way for pretty long time, and interestingly we have the problems since then.

To tell the truth I feel so many times that I sould write onto the back of all my paintings (as Radnóti did in his last years): this is the work of the Hungarian painter Valter Torjay. Most probably I would make a service with it if our kind disappears finally. (I add: may be a bad one.)

At the Pyramides simple arabics were sitting, who were carving small camels. They make hundreds of these but it is told that all of them has unique "personality", and differs from the others. This is the point. Renoir warned us hundreds of years ago that this is increasingly missing from the European art. Everything became mechanical from this damn production-centred civilisation. And now we can go back with our perfectly alike music, cars, porcelains and flavours to the Arabs learning what we have already known in the age of cathedrals.

The most brilliant graffiti on the side of a block-house in Szombathely: "You get used to the shit." This is what happens.

Great artist - great atelier. Little artist - a lousy little hole.

The painter has to be idealistic, even if he is naturalist.

Valter Torjay